My N9 / MeeGo Apps – some recommendations

As I’m intensively using my Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone for business and privately, I’m sure you can’t wait to read my App recommendations ;)

Currently installed OS is MeeGo Harmattan PR1.1 (… desperately waiting for PR1.2, but as I received PR1.1 months later than others,  I guess I have to be patient :( )

  • “lockscreen” is a simple desktop button to lock the phone (instead of pressing the side lock button) –  it’s just more comfortable to hit this one, when using the home screen. When using an App I usually prefer the side lock button.
  • “contactLaunch” puts selected contacts as icons on your App launcher grid. If you have pictures added to your contacts, you’ll see those as icon on your home screen. You’ll be fascinated, how much such tiny pictured icons improve the identification of contacts.
  •     – to be continued -
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