Adding large files for download on WordPress

Well, that was an adventure again –  sounded simple, but turned out to be hell of complicated …

The idea: I wanted to include a lot of Linux (.iso) images into a WordPress page, as I’m always searching a lot until finally finding the detailed download pages of different Linux distributions. So putting the once downloaded .iso into my “download” page would make it much easier to find it again. Strange idea ? You have to know, I’m living in different places and the .iso I need is always “not here” …

Okay, sounded easy … upload them to the WordPress server, link them, that’s it … not really! Limitations on uploading through the built in interface, size limitations on downloading, .iso not allowed as “media” … etc.

How to make large files available for download on WordPress (… my way):

  • uploading through “File Station” of Synology (you might use FTP for other servers)
  • Add and activate the “Add from server” – Plugin
  • Add and activate the “Mime type” – Plugin
  • You have to allow “.iso” as Mime Type for enabling download of that type.
    Therefore click on “settings” – “Mime types”
    Add file extension “iso” with mime type “application/iso-image” and save
  • You have to add formerly uploaded (.iso) files as media
    Therefore click “Media”- “Add From Server”
    Go to your folder with uploaded (.iso) files and select file, click “import”
    Be patient while file is being imported
  • Edit page/post where you want to put the link to downloadable file
  • Click “Add Media” (that’s the tiny little icon right above the editors window besides “Upload/Insert”) and then “Media Library”
  • Select the desired (iso) file by clicking “Show”
  • Click “Insert into Post”
  • Click “Update”

Be warned to use this guide upon your own risk. There may be better / more elegant ways to achieve this goal, however it did the job for me. Be advised that this way of setting download links reveals the true/visible link to the download directory, which may put risks to your service.

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