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… now also on IPv6

Just added native IPv6 to … welcome to the new world of Internet on dual stack  !!   For testing purposes you may connect to which should only resolve to IPv6 …

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Adding large files for download on WordPress

Well, that was an adventure again –  sounded simple, but turned out to be hell of complicated … The idea: I wanted to include a lot of Linux (.iso) images into a WordPress page, as I’m always searching a lot … Continue reading

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First impressions of “Boot to Gecko” – B2G

A fascinating new concept potentially causing the next  paradigm shift within the Smartphone / Mobile Device market !! In general it’s called “Open Web Device” (OWD) and the most advanced project is “Boot to Gecko” (B2G) driven by Mozilla Foundation. … Continue reading

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My N9 / MeeGo Apps – some recommendations

As I’m intensively using my Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone for business and privately, I’m sure you can’t wait to read my App recommendations … Currently installed OS is MeeGo Harmattan PR1.1 (… desperately waiting for PR1.2, but as I received … Continue reading

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