Loving my Nokia N9 – MeeGo phone !!

I already found a lot of Apps I love to use on my good old N900, but there are still some gadgets I miss:


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Setting up WordPress on a Synology NAS

Well, it took a few attempts in setting up WordPress, playing around, getting stuck, deleting all and starting all over again …

Next time I should take into account early:

  • best give server his final IP-address AND set up DNS entry before installing WordPress –
    Enter Synology package installer through Domain (not IP-Address) !!! Installing WordPress based on IP links all posts, etc. under that IP and not under Domain, so believe me, THIS IS IMPORTANT !! (Moving IP or matching to Domain later leads to lots of broken links and I didn’t find an elegant solution to correct this)
  • when googling for the installation procedures make sure, not to use the old manual installation procedures with Putty, SSH, install.php, etc. – just click into the admin area –  package center –  available, select WordPress and follow the setup wizard …
  • Install MyPHPAdmin the same way.
  • switch off SAMBA protocol (Control Panel, Win/Mac/NFS) (as I will host the NAS in a public data center with static public IP address – not really the right place for smb :) )
  • set up MySQL admin password (default: root/<empty>)
  • default user “guest” CANNOT access FTP (Hey guys at Synology: that’s pretty silly … )
  • and … finally … setup an IPv6 address and put an AAAA record into DNS service  !!
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